Melissa Linguine Long Pasta - Excellent Quality Grain Macaroni Food Product

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$0.796 - $0.8288 / Kilograms | 1000 Kilogram/Kilograms Price NET, FOB Piraeus, 40' ft container without pallets (Min. Order)
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Quick Details
Product Type:
Primary Ingredient:
Durum Wheat
Processing Type:
Vacuum Pack
Cooking Time:
12-13 min
Weight (kg):
Shelf Life:
2 Years
Place of Origin:
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Melissa Linguine
Pasta Type:
Linguine / Little Tongues
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
30 Ton/Tons per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
24 pieces per Carton Box
40ft Container without pallets (for space saving) : Net Weight: 19,000 kg
Lead Time :
10 days
Video Description
Product Description

Melissa Linguine Long Pasta


The name “Melissa’’ (bee) was given to our pasta products by Aleksandros Kikizas in 1947 when he was inspired by the hard working and proud bee. Ever since, Melissa was embraced by consumers for the constantly high quality of its pasta, its packages, its good prices, its special offers, its wide variety, its advertisements, the universal motto of pasta lovers, as well as the constant brand development and its opening into new categories of products.

Melissa Package The very first pasta package was cylindrical and decorated by …a bee. Over the years and through the advancement of technology, Melissa’s packages started being made out of paper, only to be later replaced by the well-known pasta cellophane. As decades went by, the packages imprinted different aesthetic characteristics of each time, with arguably the most characteristic being the “Little Chefs”, always bearing the same logo with white letters on red background. Eventually, the colors that have come to distinguish the pasta packages are the blue and the yellow. Throughout the past decade, each Melissa pack has been carefully sealed, in order not to allow contact with external elements; it has a sticker for easy opening and storage, as well as a dispenser.

Melissa Advertisements The first Melissa TV commercials were aired at the end of the 1970’s with the most characteristic motto being “Choose Health and Tastiness. Choose Melissa!” and “I solved my cooking problems with Melissa!” However, it was in 1990 that the motto which established the brand, was created. It has been loved dearly by consumers and is still used today. How many among Greek people have not said, joked or just smiled when hearing the phrase “I am a pasta lover. What can we do about it?” The timeless commercial was imprinted in Greek people’s hearts, thus, creating committed pasta lovers! At the end of the 1990’s other advertising campaigns of Melissa were inaugurated, such as “Pasta from good pastry” “The Pasta of the pasta lovers”, which were soon followed by the restoration of the contemporary Pasta Lover in 2005. Year by year, the Pasta Lover changes shape, style, age – he is dressed up to be a groom, a father, a model in a fashion show, a child, Santa Clause – always having as a common denominator his adoration for a dish of yummy Melissa pasta!

Excellent Quality The constant investment in new technologies and in latest technical equipment, the strict controls and the wheat of the Thessaly valley as its raw material, contribute in attaining the excellent quality of Melissa pasta. Distribution and variety Melissa pasta can be found in every corner of Greece from large super-markets to small grocery stores in remote regions of the country. It offers a wide variety and provides the consumer with a number of choices. Long macaroni, thick pasta, slim pasta, which are ideal for soups, and, of course, our beloved Melissa pearl barley for giouvetsi; cannelloni, vermicelli, noodles, tagliatelle as well as wheat and durum wheat semolina for the desserts, and many other kinds.

Opening to New Categories Melissa’s Marketing team, following the latest trends of the market, constantly works on new projects, in order to offer consumers new, high quality and diversified from the competition, suggestions. The pasta series “tricolore” (with tomato and spinach), pasta with carrot and the special tortellini tastes, are only a few examples. Whole grain pasta, using the whole seed of wheat has acquired devoted consumers among people who look for the healthiest diet choice. Moreover, Melissa has recently launched the new series Melissa Gluten Free with delicious pasta for kids and grownups which do not contain gluten and are made of corn and rise. Melissa leads the way, since it is the first and only pasta company which created the very first series of Kids Pasta. Melissa Pasta Kids have ‘overturned’ the mainstream on pasta shelves, given that they have as their strong supporters the … young Pasta lovers and are available in different shapes with the most beloved children’s heroes. On Christmas 2011, Melissa launched on the Greek market the first Christmas pasta package, calling for kids and adults to … create and to cook with the Christmas spirit of our holidays!

Who We Are

Our company was born in 1947 after Aleksandros Kikizas vision to create a food industry that will promote the raw materials of our land and will transform them into high quality products Today, six decades later, the third generation of the Kikizas family manages one of the most important food companies in Greece and is active in more than twenty five countries. Production of pasta and durum wheat semolina constitutes our basic activity. Each year we absorb 100.000 tons of Greek durum wheat of excellent quality. The vertically managed complex of mills and the spaghetti factory in Larissa produces annually more than 50.000 tons of pasta, thus rendering our industry one of the largest of its kind in Europe! Our presence on the European market was strengthened by the establishment of the subsidiary company Atlanta SA, through which we export a number of Greek products to the Polish market; for example, pasta, olive oil, olives, halvah and different wines. The basic pasta brands produced by our company are: Melissa, Stella, PrimoGusto fine pasta series, Deveta from Thessaly, the historic AVEZ and the traditional products Vlaha. The full series of tomato products Primo Gusto and the traditional sweets Kazino complement our presence on the Greek food market. Our well organized sales and distribution networks constitute a basic axis for the company’s development. The world-class brand of canned fruit Del Monte for many years now trust us to be their exclusive distributors in Greece.

The Spaghetti Factory

Οur Spaghetti Factory has been operating in Larissa since 1980. Keeping up with contemporary technological developments, our factory is nowadays one of the largest of its kind in Europe, with annual production that exceeds 50.000 tons of pasta. The production procedure is fully automatized and our products’ quality is secured by following strict inspection and control systems. The overall building coverage of our factories is20.000 square meterswhile the capacity of our storage spaces reaches 10.000 pallets.

Production Process

Pasta is made of two ingredients only! Semolina and water!

These two pure ingredients, without the addition of any preservatives and with the use of the proper recipe, are capable of giving us one of the most healthful and popular foodstuffs.

As is the case with all production procedures, this one also has its secrets.


The grounding procedure starts from cleaning the wheat from any existing impurities as well as sieving and washing it with soaking water. After washing and after it has reached the proper humidity, wheat is led to special cylindrical machines for grinding.

During grinding the wheat’s seeds are chopped in order to allow the separation of its interior (endo-sperm) from the exterior shell (bran). Sequentially, the product of grinding is led to special vibrating sieves (semolina-mills) where, it is separated from the bran through ventilation and the pure semolina remains, which is the final product.

Brans of various sizes constitute the by-products and are used as animal feed


Durum wheat semolina is transferred to the macaroni producing factory, where it is inserted in stainless steel vats, called mixers (kneading machines), within which it is mixed automatically with water, thus creating the dough.

The proper shapers are placed under the mixers, thus giving the pasta, after passing through them, the desirable shape. At that point, the already configured pasta is transferred into the ovens where temperature is almost 100 degrees while the humidity is kept at high levels in order not to break the pasta.

It is the high temperature technology that guarantees the proper pasta boiling, given that it retains its proteins. The final humidity of the product is 11% and this low humidity level is the reason that pasta is preserved unspoiled without adding any preservatives, for more than 2 years.

Finally, after pasta is taken out of the ovens, their temperature is stabilized and they are led to the packing field. There, pasta is automatically weighted and, after it is packed, they pass from quality control machines, are given the production code and the Expiration Date, are put in pallets and are routed towards the Finished Goods Warehouse. From there, they are transferred to every corner of Greece in order to reach safely all our consumers.


Our company was one of the first in Greece that was certified in 1993 with a quality, security and hygiene management system for the production of food. Always following international developments, we upgrade the quality management systems in order to fulfill the demands of the contemporary international standards.

Our company has been certified by many internationally acknowledged institutions with

•ISO 9001:2008

•ISO 22000:2005


Finally, we put together research programs in cooperation with Scientific institutions in Greece and abroad in order to develop and optimize our company’s production procedures as well as to improve our grain cultivation methods.

The most popular food in the world!

Pasta is the foodstuff that steals both kids’ and grownups’ hearts and it is officially the world’s most beloved food.

A world-wide research of the Oxfam Organization pronounced pasta as the global top food preference leaving behind popular foods such as meat, rice and pizza.

Pasta is a product, consumed in all five continents and its nutritional value is of no doubt. Its worldwide spreading is attributable to its remarkable advantages as foodstuff, and because it can be preserved over a long period of time; it is easy to cook and is also cheap.

And, of course, it is tasty, thus constituting an endless source of inspiration with many variations. Having it as a raw material, we can cook everyday a different dish with significant nutritional value.

We, Greeks are Pasta Lovers!

The total pasta industry market in Greece is calculated at € 170 million per year and its production reaches 110.000 tons. 30% of that is exported in many foreign countries.

According to data collected by the World Pasta Organization, Italy is on the top of pasta consuming countries with 28 kilos per capita. It is followed by Venezuela and Tunisia, while Greece occupies the fourth place with 10 kilos per capita annually.

International Activity

We have been crediting and investing on the significance of extroversion, already since the 1980s.

Pasta is a widely known and popular product and so our clients are spread around the world, beyond the Greek borders. That way, we contribute in Greece's exportation, promoting the products from the plain of Thessaly all over the world.

More specifically:

-Our company exports 20% of our factory production.

-Our goal is to extend this percentage to 50% in the new few years.

-Our share in Cyprus, Bulgaria and Albania markets is significant, reaching a percentage ranging between 15% and 25%.

-The company's products are also exported to the United Kingdom, Belgium, Ukraine, Australia, Canada, USA, Estonia, Arabic Emirates, South Africa, Germany, Ethiopia, the Netherlands, Sweden, Zimbabwe, Slovakia, FYROM, Armenia, the Czech Republic, Austria and Congo.

-Every year we participate in the largest European and international food exhibitions (SIAL- Paris, ANUGA-Koln).

Our strategic direction towards exports is reinforced by our decision to invest on the Polish market, by taking over the local commercial company ATLANTA. Atlanta Company was founded in 1992, based on Warsaw, and today employs 55 employees, extending all around Poland. The company has organized sales, marketing and logistics department owns three branches and reaches more than 40.000 sales points, thus taking the second place in the pasta market. We also export to Poland products made of tomatoes, Greek olive oil, olives and wine, contributing even further to Greek exports.

On the 13th of February, 2013, was awarded in Melissa-Kikizas from the Sales Excellence Awards, the prize for increasing exports in 35 countries, including the distant China.

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